The FreeNOS project

FreeNOS is an experimental operating system written for one purpose: learning and exploring computer systems. For this reason, the FreeNOS project emphasizes:

  • Readable Code: The number one rule. It's impossible to learn from a system with unreadable code. Additionally, the purpose of high level programming languages is to make it easier for humans to control computers, which implies readable code.
  • Documentation: All source code should be documented. Period. Documentation is vital to help understanding the workings of a system. In FreeNOS, we use Doxygen .
  • Accessibility: It should be an easy task to “try out” FreeNOS with various compilers on different host operating systems.

If you find one of the above rules violated in the FreeNOS source code, please feel free to report a bug.


The initial FreeNOS code has been written from scratch by Niek Linnenbank . Please see the AUTHORS file for the current list of contributors and developers.


Our mascotte is a green Chinese dragon. I chose a dragon because I am born in the Chinese year of the dragon and called it “Draakje” (Dutch word for dragon, how origonal :-P)

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