This website is about FreeNOS (Free Niek's Operating System). FreeNOS is an experimental microkernel operating system for learning purposes, licensed under the GPLv3.


Articles in the announcements category

Code moved to git

All FreeNOS code has been moved to Git at googlecode. Git offers several benefits comparing to Subversion. See the Git Website for details. Please use the following command to retrieve the FreeNOS code from googlecode:

$ git clone

New Bug Tracking System!

The last few days we've been looking at the issue list of Google Code and we decided that as of today we'd use the list of issues in favor of flyspray. Google Code's Issue list provides us with extended functionality Firefly doesn't provide, like for example integration with the version control where we can close issues from svn commit messages. The issue history has been moved to Google Code and we're ready to start using our new bug tracking system!

You can find more information about Google's IssueTracker at

Website moving to TransIP

End of this week the website, including bugtracker, will move to our new hosting provider: TransIP. It may happen that the website and/or bugtracker will be temporarily unavailable during the time it is moved to TransIP.

Subversion repository moved to Google Code

We have moved our SVN repository to Google Code, as it provides us with a huge storage capacity (1G), reliability and hopefully good uptimes, which may not be able to provide at all times. Because the repository has changed and we used svnsync to import the project into Google Code, you need to get a fresh checkout of the repository. (Note that svn switch .relocate does not work in this case):

$ svn checkout FreeNOS