WikiBook: Understanding the FreeNOS Internals

This book explains all components in FreeNOS in details. It is specifically written to help you understand the workings of FreeNOS. Use this book if you are interested in the theory of operating systems design:

Understanding the FreeNOS Internals

WikiBook: FreeNOS Developers Handbook

It can be hard to fully learn a system just by studying the theory. By using and modifying FreeNOS you'll learn it while you program it. The FreeNOS Developers Handbook helps to get you started with development and provides guidelines to new and experienced programmers:

FreeNOS Developers Handbook

Source Code Doxygen Tags

All FreeNOS source code is documented with Doxygen tags. To generate Doxygen documentation from the source code, use the following command:

$ cd /path/to/FreeNOS/sources
$ doxygen

Online Doxygen Documentation

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