The system is very experimental, yet FreeNOS currently supports:

  • Virtual memory
  • Simple task scheduling
  • Inter Process Communication (IPC)
  • Devices:
    • VGA/Keyboard consoles (also supported by Ed's libteken )
    • i8250 serial UART
    • PCI host controller
    • CMOS RTC clock
    • ATA host controller
  • Filesystems:
    • Virtual file system (VFS)
    • Process file system (ProcFS)
    • Temporary file system (TmpFS)
    • Extended 2 file system (Ext2FS)
    • Linnenbank file system (LinnFS)
  • POSIX, ANSI C libraries
  • Dynamic and Shared memory
  • All sources documented with Doxygen
  • User and kernel code written from scratch in C++
  • Very small microkernel (~2K lines of C++ code including a tiny part in x86 assembly)
  • Builds with recent GCC , LLVM and SCons versions on POSIX systems
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