0.0.4 Released

After two months of hard work since we released 0.0.3 in July, we finally have a new version of FreeNOS! This release has new features, enhancements and bugfixes, including:

  • Shared and Private Memory mappings support in MemoryServer
  • Added Device and DeviceServer classes for easy driver programming (abstracts the IPC layer)
  • Abstracted the IPC layer from FileSystems, Files and Directories (also with IOBuffer class)
  • Simplified virtual FileSystems by using synchroneous I/O and Shared memory mappings.
  • FileURI improvements in libparse
  • ATA Host Controller support (read-only drive sectors)
  • VGA device in /dev/vga0 (removed from Terminal)
  • Keyboard device in /dev/keyboard0 (removed from Terminal)
  • RTC Time device in /dev/time0
  • Draft version of USB UHCI Host Controller in /dev/usb0
  • PCI pseudo FileSystem implementation in /dev/pci
  • GRUB pseudo FileSystem implementation in /dev/grub
  • /etc/rc is now executed with /bin/sh by /sbin/init
  • Reduced the number of programs in the BootImage (boot/boot.img.gz)
  • Added basename(), chdir() and syslog() support to libposix
  • Length modifier support for format strings in libc
  • Extra Doxygen documentation
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