v0.0.2 Released

This version contains bugfixes, enhancements and new minor features. The system can now be compiled on many recent host platforms, including various Linux distrubitions (Gentoo, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora), FreeBSD 7.2, OpenBSD 4.5, NetBSD 5.0, DragonFly BSD 2.2.1, StormOS and OpenSolaris 2009.06. Several new functions where added to the libraries including the fork() POSIX-1.2008 function, which is now used to fork server processes into the background. Additionally a working URI parser was added to libparse. Finally, in this release the Ext2Create program was added to generate new Extended 2 FileSystems as a regular user, and replaces the external dependency on genext2fs. Also see the full ChangeLog for details.